Best Zero Drop Running Shoes

Merrell Vapor Glove 4 Zero Drop Barefoot Sneaker

Running has been a part of our life since the evolution of mankind. They used to consider running a necessity in old times which we now label as sports and fitness. However, the man in the old days used to run barefooted and then came in the invention and evolution of shoes. Fast-forward to this century, new and improved designs in shoes are hitting the shelves as rapidly as they can, and the intention behind it is to make running as natural and comfortable as it can be.

If you are wondering the reason behind this history class and what the relationship between the evolution of running and the latest trend of zero drop running shoes could be, you do not have to wonder anymore. The concept behind the zero drop running shoes is exactly what man used to do in primal ages - to run barefoot as fast as he could while hunting, escaping predators, and surviving. A zero-drop running shoe lets your foot be as naturally aligned as when you stand barefoot on a leveled surfaced. It is as natural as a running shoe can get.

What does Zero Drop mean in a running shoe?

The term "zero-drop" means that there is no drop from the heels to the toes, just like when you stand barefoot. In a zero-drop running shoe, the ball of the foot is evenly aligned with the heel. This results in the shoe having the ball and the heel being at the same height from the ground, with or without a padded midsole.

Generally, in running shoes, the heels are slightly raised with the help of cushioned support. This is done for two reasons: the cushion under the heel absorbs the running shocks and jerks when we run, and the elevated heel sets the runner in a forward posture which assists in running. However, zero-drop shoes dismiss this belief. In a zero-drop running shoe, the heels and the toe are at the same level. The cushioning may be provided to your foot to absorb shock, but the level of the cushion is the same under your feet. No area of your foot is elevated, and though the footwear has proper protection and cushioning, the alignment is as natural as when you stand on the ground without shoes.

Are Zero Drop shoes better for running?

Zero-drop shoes are better than the normal running shoes in many ways:

  • Zero-drop shoes do not have extra cushioning or elevated padding, which means they are made with less material and are hence lighter in weight. A lighter shoe improves your endurance and can help you speed up.

  • They allow a better foot movement as the foot absorbs the running impact and reacts accordingly.

  • Zero-drop shoes take away the pressure from the knee and direct it to the calf muscles. A normal running shoe constantly pushes you in the forward position causing pressure on your knee, foot, and back. In this way, these zero-drop shoes reduce pain, pressure, and strain.

Zero drop shoes are brought into the mainstream shoe industry by combining the comfort and support of modern shoes with the natural ability to run. What you get is the most natural yet most modern-looking running shoe ever created, and they are here to stay (or run!).