New Races: Becoming Part of the Oregon Trail Series

The Oregon Trail Series welcomes inquiries from Race Directors to have their event become part of the Series. RD’s who wish to have their race considered for inclusion should contact the Series Commissioner with their request and include information on the race and how it fits with the criteria listed below:

1. The Series intends to include only high quality events. As such, events will typically not be considered until after one successful year.
2. We consider a quality event to be one that

  • Is well organized
  • Is accurately timed
  • Has a well marked course of reasonably accurate distance
  • Has adequate aid stations
  • Provides reasonable safety precautions
  • Has professionalism and integrity in dealing with participants and permitting agencies

3. No more than one Series race will be held on any weekend; longer separation is preferred. Our current race schedule includes events in Feb, April, May, July (2), Aug, and Sept (3). Preference will be given for events that occur in the other months.
4. The maximum number of races in each series is eight.
5. The race should be predominately run on trails.
6. We are currently at or near our preferred maximum number of 50K events. Preference will be given for 50 mile or longer races.
7. Series races contribute toward Series prizes (currently $100/race) and are expected to comp Series winners in the following year.
8. The addition of races to the Series is based on a vote of the RDs currently in the Series. Races can also be removed from the Series by a vote of the same body.
9. The race should have a published entry process that is open to the public (no “invitation-only” races).