Scoring Rules

  • There is no entry fee to participate. When you finish a series race, you receive points. There are two categories: The overall (or long) and the short (50K only) series.  The sum of your highest four scores from races determines your score for the series.
  • Age Groups: 29 & under, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 & Over. Your age group for the series will be your age on the last race you run in the series.
  • Scoring System:  Scoring is based on the race distance, and on your time compared to the winning time. The winning time for the race is divided by your time and that percentage is multiplied by 31 for the 50KM races, by 40 for the Peterson Ridge Rumble, by 50 if you run the PCT 50 Mile race, 62 if you run Waldo, and 100 for Pine to Palm. Fixed time races are scored by awarding one point for each mile completed.  Points are calculated separately for the men’s and women’s races. Men use the men’s winning time, and women use the women’s winning time to calculate points.
    • For Example:  In 1999 Dana Bandy ran 5:27:14 at the McDonald Forest race.  The winner Scott Jurek ran 4:10:33. Scott Jurek’s score for that race would be 31 points.   Dana Bandy’s score for that race would be  250 minutes (Jurek’s time) divided by 327 minutes (Bandy’s time) = .765  times  31 = 23.7 points.
    • Your score will be the sum of your race scores, up to a maximum of four races.  You will be counted as a series participant and your score will make you eligible for awards if you complete at least two races in the series.
  • Prizes:   Scores will be determined, and winners announced as soon as possible after the last event of the series.
    • The age group winners for both series divisions will be awarded an OTS pint glass.
    • Overall women and men winners receive entry into all of the OTS races the following year in their respective division.  Entries are not transferable to subsequent years.

The race series is a way to encourage friendly competition, and to show appreciation for the runners who participate in Oregon races.  Have Fun!