Running Water Bottle Belts

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The best part about running is that you don’t need much preparation – just put on your running shoes and you are ready to run. But while you are running, you will need water or a hydrating drink to keep you going. You would also like to have a couple of necessities like your cellphone, home keys, and wallet to accompany you. If you plan on running a longer distance, you may also want to take some snacks like energy bars or gels. So now that you have a bunch of important stuff to carry, how are you going to hold them in a way that you have easy access to all of those, especially water, without disrupting your running speed.

Hydration Belts for Runners

This is when running water bottle belts or the hydration belts for runners come to the rescue! The running water bottle belt will keep your arms free while you take your water bottle(s) with you, so no matter how much you run, you do not have to worry about the hydration factor.

A good running water bottle belt (hydration belt) should be securely snug around your waist so it does not shift its position, rotate, or bounce while you are running.

Things to Consider while Buying a Hydration Belt

Consider the following factors when you look for a hydration belt for runners:

  • How much water and storage space do you need? You may find that one flask is not enough and may want to have a belt with two bottles.
  • How much weight are you willing to carry when you are running? Getting a running water bottle belt with multiple storage facilities that you don't need will just add to the weight when you are running. You must stick with the necessities.
  • The bottle should be easy to grasp while you are running. Also, make sure you can open its cap easily, and ideally single-handedly.
  • The cap of the bottle(s) properly seals it and the water does not spill out when you are running.
  • The belt is right for your waist size. Make sure you measure your waist before making the purchase.
  • Some belts can be customized as per your running needs. If you are not happy about the available options, you can always go for custom belts, that you can also expand later when your needs increase.

Running and hydration are important parts of staying active and healthy, and for this reason, we need a comfortable hydration belt around our waist to assist us in maintaining that active lifestyle.