Handheld Running Water Bottles

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Hydration Bottle

A Handheld Running Water Bottle is a water bottle with a strap securely connecting it to your hand, so you can carry your water bottle while you go out on a run. A handheld running water bottle gives you quick access to water and is light to carry.

For some people who have not used a handheld running water bottle before, the idea of carrying a water bottle in your hand may seem uncomfortable and impractical. In the first few days of running with a handheld running water bottle, you may be bothered by it and may need to convince your arm and especially your mind that it’s not a big deal carrying it. However, you will notice that after the first week it will stop distracting you, and you may start falling in love with how easy and practical it is.

Things to Consider While Buying A Handheld Running Water Bottle

Consider the following factors when you look for a handheld running water bottle for yourself:

  1. Comfort: The handheld running water bottle needs to be comfortable when you hold it in your hand. Different companies have experimented with varying bottle shapes and strap textures. There is no one-size-fits-all rule here, check which one feels the most natural and comfortable to you.

  2. Size: How much water do you want to carry? The size of a handheld running water bottle may range from 10 oz to as large as 21 oz. As a rule of thumb, a smaller handheld water bottle may be good if you want to have an hour-long run around the neighborhood. However, go for an 18 oz bottle if you plan to go for longer runs.

  3. Practical: The bottle should be easy to open, drink, and refill.

  4. Soft vs. hard bottles: Soft flasks are gaining more and more popularity as the runners are preferring them over the conventional hard flasks. The soft flasks shrink in size as you drink water from them, making them ideal for carrying. They also prevent water from spilling. A hard flask, on the other hand, has its advantages, for instance, a hard flask has a definite structure which makes holding and cleaning it easier than a soft flask.

  5. Storage: Do you need storage in your handheld running water bottle, and if yes, then how much? Many hand-held running water bottles (not all though) come with a storage pocket where you can put in your energy gel, money, or even your cellphone. But more storage means you will have to carry more weight in your hand.

Handheld running water bottles are very practical when you do not want to carry an entire hydration pack and want something light in weight. An ideal handheld running water bottle should have a simple design with minimal straps, a good quality flask, and should be a comfortable companion while you run.