Scoring Big at the OTS

How do you win the Oregon Trail Series?  Past results tell us that winning the long races is key, but early results this year look like scoring in more races might work too.  Carolyn Hennessey has solid performances in three races to lead the women.  Jacob Puzey won two of the first three series races, and leads Josh Owen, who has crossed three finish lines this year, by less than a point.  Of course, in the 50k Series, men will need finishes in all fives races, and women in at least four.

How do you win the Oregon Trail Series?  You share some hours, dust, and GU with your friends on some breathtaking (literally) trails.

See you on the trail,


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OD is the scorekeeper for the Oregon Trail Series. His PR's may all be behind him, but he manages to keep his good looks, and most of his hair. When he is not scoring, he works as a nurse at Sacred Heart's RiverBend Hospital in Eugene. If your gall bladder starts acting up, just stop by to see him.
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