Have you been to Dimple Hill?

In 2007 Hippies took over the Dimple Hill Aid Station

When I say Woodstock, Hanz and Franz, The Dude and The Jesus; what does that mean to you? What about Robert the Bruce and Stephen the Mad Irishman? Okay, has your wedding guest list ever included more than one Dr. Rosenpenis? We can vouch that for the last several years in early May at the 1460 ft above sea level at the 17.94 mile mark of the McDonald Forest 50K these have all been part of a recurring theme at the Dimple Hill Aid Station.

The arrival of the Groom at the Fletch themed wedding in 2011

May 12th marks the 17th running of the McDonald Forest 50K. This year, the event is dedicated to memory of “El Condor”, Dave Bateham, who passed away this past spring from complications from Heart Surgery. Dave was a familiar face at the finish line timing table and a frequent participant in all the races in the Oregon Trail Series. Keep Dave in your thoughts as you’re enjoying the trails of the McDonald Forest, as his volunteer contribution to their building is measurable in the enjoyment you experience running upon them. We miss you, Dave.

"El Condor" manning the Timing Table at the Mac

Scott Leonard has taken on the task of Presiding over the Corvallis Little League, so we’d like to introduce Dennis Gamroth, who joins Ken Ward as co-race director starting this year. Scott will be manning the “water only” aid station at the Mac this year. When you guys see him, make sure to Thank Scott for all he has done in making the McDonald Forest 50K a successful event over the last few years.

Scott Leonard modeling the Mac 50K shirt while running the Tahoe Rim Trail 100

Thanks, Scott

So what will you see when you get to Dimple Hill this year? Since the Mac is known for it’s traditions, you should know that the tradition of Dimple Hill is that we never reveal the theme until you crest the top of the climb.

The Jesus and Donny wish you luck at the McDonald Forest 50K. It's a Series race, Smokey!

We hope you enjoy the stop as much as you enjoy the rest of the course! For those of you running the new 50K series in 2012, completion of the Mac marks the halfway point. Have fun out there.

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  1. You rock, Monk! Thanks for the plug, can’t wait to find out the theme this year… as the hippies say: Long distance runner, what you standing there for? Fire on the mountain…

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