McKenzie Registration Opens April 1

The 2012 McKenzie River Trail Run is scheduled for Sept 8, 2012.

Registration will open April 1 and remain open for 7 days. In honor of the race’s 25th anniversary, this year’s event will include a 50 mile race, as well as the traditional 50K. The 50K will follow our traditional course (unless there’s another fire!) The 50 mile course to start across from the Ranger Station, then follow the trail upriver to Carmen Reservoir. From there it would continue on the 50K Course and finish back at the Ranger Station.

Only the 50K will score in the Oregon Trail Series.

Running Next To Waterfalls at MRTR

Registration process (both races): Registration will be online via and with a printable entry form available on Registration will open on April 1, 2012 and remain open through April 7, 2012. All entries received during that time will have an equal chance of being selected, with a lottery held after registration closes if entries exceed our runner cap. No wait list will be maintained for either event; we allow for an expected number of drops in the number of entries we accept. Should our estimates be wrong and spaces open up as we approach race day, an email will be sent to individuals not accepted in the lottery, and others in our database, inviting them to register on a first come-first-served basis.

50K Registration: If entry applications exceed the number or runners allowed under our permit (plus an estimated number of drops), a lottery will be held to determine who will run; 5 time finishers bypass the lottery.

50 Mile registration: To recognize and honor those who ran the race when it included a 50 miler from 1988-1997 and the 5-time finishers of the 50K MRTR, we are going to give them registration priority. Registration for the 50 Miler will be based on four priority levels below from applications received during our open registration week-April 1-7, 2012. Not knowing the number of applicants at each level, we will proceed to the lower level after accepting all applications received in the higher level as room permits. Should we have more applications than spaces available at a given level we will hold a lottery for all individuals in that level. To accommodate the expectations of the Forest Service and to manage race logistics, a 12-hour cut off (14:20 pace) will be enforced for the 50 miler.

The 50 Mile entry form will include an option to be considered for entry in the 50K if the runner is not selected for the 50 Miler. The database of finishers on our website will be used as a reference to determine prior MRTR 50 Miler finishers and 5-time 50K finishers. We will also include a buddy entry option, allowing runners to tie their entry with someone else, so either both get in or neither do.

50 Mile entry priority levels

Any individual that completed the MRTR 50 mile event between 1988 and 1987 and would like to come back to the course again, along with specially invited guests of the race directors. We ask these individuals to evaluate their condition to finish in the allotted time and be true to themselves and other participants in doing so.

Any individual that has completed the MRTR 50K five times and has, within the last two years, officially completed any 100 miler or completed a 50 miler within our cut-off time of 12 hours.

Any individual that has, within the last two years, officially completed any 100 miler or completed a 50 miler within our cut-off time of 12 hours.

Any prior finisher of the MRTR 50K who expects to be able to finish the 50 miler within the 12 hour cutoff.

Everybody else. Additional details will be available on our website. Please contact one of the Race Directors with any questions: or

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