2012 Oregon Trail Series Schedule

Excited to announce the schedule for the 2012 Oregon Trail Series.

02/18/2012     Hagg Lake 50K

04/15/2012     Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 Mile

05/12/2012     McDonald Forest 50K

07/14/2012     Siskiyou Out Back 50K

07/28/2012     Mt. Hood PCT 50 Mile

08/18/2012     Waldo 100K

09/08/2012     McKenzie River 50K

09/15/2012     Pine to Palm 100M

09/22/2012     Flagline 50K

Registration for the Hagg Lake, the first event in the Oregon Trail Series opens on November 15th! Check out the link for registration details.



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  1. Do you realize the link for the Peterson Ridge 40 Mile is broken: It goes to McDonald forest site?

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